October 31, 2012

by Pilar Steinborn

Add Some Sole

shoes to make the right fit
Add some sole!

The right sneaker doesn’t have to be dowdy and I’m not talking about the New Balances that Ryan Gossling scoffed at in ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Sneakers have come a long way. Fashionable sneakers are an easy fix to add a little more edge to an outfit.

Getting dressed to go out, everyone expects you to have the fancy matching flat, heel, or boot. What about adding a classic Converse? You can go high top or low top depending on your mood. Or maybe try an Adidas shoe from a guest designer like Yohji Yamamoto.  His sleek designs give you the chance to dress them up or down. Even a vintage Nike shoe will keep heads turning especially those harder to find.

Adding a little flare to your feet shows that you’re willing to be daring. Guaranteed you’ll stand out a little more. It gives you the opportunity to exhibit your individuality and gives you an edge above everyone else.

And let’s not forget the added bonus of avoiding the aching feet. No matter how nice the heel, if you’re limping by the end of night, it no longer complements your outfit.

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Pilar Steinborn | Copyright | Photos by Andrea Carson