April 29, 2013

by Pilar Steinborn

Spring Bling and Face Framing Jewelry

We all know that the right jewelry can mean everything in fashion. The spring and summer is the best time to showcase new pieces and draw the eye to outstanding accessories. As with every great article of clothing or accessories, your pieces should always bring out the best in your features and never detract from. Here are a few simple things to remember when picking out bling to accent your face!

If you have a longer, angular or heart shaped face, the best earring to rock is a drop earring style. Stones and detailed filigree settings add just enough dimensions to frame your face perfectly.

If you have more of a round full framed face, shoot for the shorter earring. Rounder with double stone work is best. And you can have fun with mixed metals.

Attention to detail will make all the difference in how you look and feel when picking out your summer jewelry!

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Pilar Steinborn | Copyright | Photos by Andrea Carson