August 10, 2013

by digisavvy

How to Shop for Shoes!

9to5Chic Shoe Repair 3There’s a bit more to buying great shoes than just seeing something that you like. This especially comes into play when in pursuit of the perfect completion to a style idea. To complement an outfit accordingly it has to have just the right amount of unexpectedness” to make it original. Here are a few things to consider when you’re cruising the shoe aisles:

FUNCTION FIRST – Are you looking for a high or low heel for your needs or for your look? Both men and women alike have had their night or event ruined by an uncomfortable shoe. Are you going to a show where you’ll sit or are you going to be standing most of the night? What’s the mood? You can do a skinny jean with a heel or a flat depending on what you’re going for.

COLOR, TEXTURE, AND HARDWARE – What color are you looking for? Sometimes a simple black dress can come to life with a pop of color in your shoe choice. Are you a stickler for matching hardware? Well you have to keep these things in mind when shopping. Are you mixing textures? How can the different textures complement one another?

NUANCES – Are the color, texture or hardware already accented in the clothing? From there you look for a tie in to bring it all together. A general rule of thumb for me is to never bring in more than two elements. Unless it’s a multi-print design on clothing, choose a solid color on foot with an added accent
and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t let a great outfit fall flat because of a lack luster shoe choice. It’s all in the details!

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Pilar Steinborn | Copyright | Photos by Andrea Carson