“Disposable” Clothes

One thing that will always remain the same in fashion is that trends come and trends go. Does that make it ok then to buy some disposable pieces? The answer is absolutely! There is no need to drain money into expensive clothes that may not even be a thought for you next season, especially if you’re on […]

Spring Bling and Face Framing Jewelry

We all know that the right jewelry can mean everything in fashion. The spring and summer is the best time to showcase new pieces and draw the eye to outstanding accessories. As with every great article of clothing or accessories, your pieces should always bring out the best in your features and never detract from. […]

Crossbody Bags for Every Age

A cross body bag is helpful for more reasons than one. It’s a great way to stay hands free while shopping or on the go and adding a vintage edge to your look. We are seeing a large amount of “simple” leather pouches that are reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, some new and some […]

Scarves Through the Seasons

Although old man winter seems to be lingering around longer and longer each year, soon we will be rid of the heavy winter clothing. This includes our beloved winter scarves. But the great news is that scarves continue to be an essential accessory that can add a pop of color, sense of flair or tie […]

Hats for Spring and Summer

Although often used to disguise, a good hat should not overwhelm your face contrary to popular belief. Coming into the warmer months there are a lot of reasons to rock a hat! Whether it’s a bad hair day, protection from the sun or simply your fashion statement for the day, make sure your hat isn’t […]

Colored Denim for 40+

No doubt about it colored denim is taking over the spring and summer. From floral prints to bright yellows and pinks, bright denim is everywhere. But how does a woman 40 and fabulous tap into this trend? Very simply. The darker end of the colorful spectrum is going to be your friend! Stick with royal […]

Break out of the Denim Box

Denim has come a long way from the “workers” culture where it found its origin. But as one of the most common mediums we see in everyday fashion, finding unexpected ways to wear denim can add a little variety to your wardrobe. Especially when it comes to denim jackets and vests, there are fun ways […]

No Such Thing as “Off the Rack”

Men. Yes you are burly, the protector, tough, etc., but you should also be well-tailored! It doesn’t make you any less of a man if your clothes aren’t hanging off of you. If you can pinch an inch at the shoulder of your sports coat or suit jacket, then it’s too big! Appearance is always […]

Cashmere Should Be Slept In

Cashmere has much more value than the scarf or sweater that you buy mom for Christmas! Have you ever thought about adding it to your nightly wardrobe? Sleep is one of the most important things your body needs, why not sleep in style and comfort? Sleeping in silk, cashmere or even a more affordable Micro-Modal […]