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Styling for TV & Media

I Work With The Best 
And Brightest In TV And Media
And With Advertising Agencies from LA to NY
I strive to amplify the essence of established Media and TV personalities through style, design, and intuition.

Her current work in 2023/2024 balances crafting images for Advertising Agencies from LA TO NY, ABC News, CNN Worldwide, HLN Original Series, ALTICE News12 & Cheddar Networks, FOX Good Day LA, NBC Sports, A&E & HISTORY Channel.
Eurosport PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics logo.
Decorative letter H with shadow effect.
FOX network logo in blue on black background
Altice company logo on a black background.
Eurosport logo with Olympic rings and Tokyo 2020 text.
Colorful NBC Sports logo with peacock feathers.
A&E network logo in monochrome.
Solid black rectangle on white background.
Solid black rectangle on a white background.
Logo of a prominent news network.
Logo with stylized letters "MSG" in black and white
Athlete receiving makeup touch-up, Olympic medal visible.
Two women standing by "The Dead Wives Club" sign.
Two women smiling at Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Three people at US Open event smiling.

Hi Energy. Fast Pace.
It's How I Work And How I Live.

I'm a Senior Stylist and Costume Designer.
I Have Styled On Air Talent For Over 20 Years.
I Consult With The Best Companies...

I’ve worked with the Olympics, MSG Media, CNN Worldwide, MTV Networks, A&E, ABC News and F/X among many others.

Woman standing by door with sign, smiling.
Women shopping for clothing in a store.
Woman in straw hat taking selfie with camera crew behind.
Two women smiling with shopping bags indoors.
Television presenter in studio setting.
Woman in leopard print top and jeans sitting.
Two women smiling in a TV studio setting.
Woman in blue blouse and white jacket indoors